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Default Jupiter 2001 -2016

Jupiter 17 September 2001- 23 December 2016

You were a gentle soul from the start. You won over the heart of our cook in Niger, who when I told him I was getting another dog (there were already three), said he’d quit. Within a week he saw how special you were, saying you were much more than a dog, but a special soul.

In fact a close friend decided you were a pussycat (without the cattiness). You were attentive, but independent. You’d approach people for some loving, but knew when enough was enough; you never insisted. You snuggled without being overbearing in any way; but you were always there.

In your youth you loved to play with your toys and to go for very long walks. Though born on the edge of the Sahara, the cold invigorated you and light clean snow gave you pure joy – maybe it was your Russian poodle mother’s genes?

When we moved from the high rise in New Jersey, you forgave me for moving you away from the love of your life, Doodle; her thick black hair in contrast to your silver. She was very dynamic and you so complemented each other. If we were out walking you would perk up when she was in sight.

When Hecuba came to live with us, little diva that she was, you quickly made an alliance with her without ever becoming soul mates. You’d both climb up to the back of the loveseat and snooze there until I came home, then would jump down to greet me.

You took on the role of inspector – checking things in the house, doing frequent tours to make sure all was in place. When we stayed at friends’ houses, you’d do the same. Recently you retired and handed that role over to Pericles…

Juppie, the consummate gentleman, you were so stoic that I didn’t fully realise you were in great pain until a crisis in September. Your wonderful new vet figured out how to make you comfortable and you rallied – you found some youthful vigor and we went for some lovely walks. You would play for a few moments with Pericles. But it then became clear that you were again covering up your distress and so it was time to let you go. I will so miss your calm presence and your quiet loving.
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